EARTH ELEMENT LAB ceramics studio

My name is Agnė and I create under the name of earth element lab. After graduating in Cultural History and Anthropology I was drawn back to ceramics, something that I used to do in childhood years. This primal craft and direct contact with earth captivated me. 
Now I work in a shared studio space, in Vilnius, Lithuania, where I make various ceramic objects by hands. I experiment with stoneware, earthenware clay or porcelain.

Each piece is unique, functional with a focus on simplicity and has a natural, soft feel to it. Muted colours and earthy tones enhance the natural characteristics of clay and gives a cosy feeling to your homes.

This choice of aesthetics was highly influenced by Northern nature, the contrast between harsh winters and warm home. Time I spent in the Arctic regions still gives me an inspiration for creative work.

I also take photographs and it is possible to purchase some of my photo prints in the e-shop.

P.S. quite often you will see two white dogs, while browsing here, meet Alaska and Elne, two samoyeds and my companions;)